Our Premium Offering
  1. Guard Services
  2. Cash In Transit
  3. Security Systems and Surveillance
  4. Private Investigation
  5. Security Survey
  6. Security Evaluations
  7. Vetting and Background Reports on Employees and Applicants
  8. Fire Fighting and Bomb Disposal
  9. Dissemination of Intelligence information Affecting Organisations
  10. Gathering Overt and Covert Information
  11. Any other services which will help towards the safety of personnel, equipment and other requirements of clients’ facilities.
Our portfolio of Diplomatic, NGO and Bank Clientele is larger and wider than that of all our competitors put together. Similarly our Cash in Transit Division services more Banks and Blue chip Commercial Enterprises than any other, backed by Rs. 100 Million Insurance coverage and a Rs. 5 Million Public Liability cover for Static Guard Services.

The Foundation of Trust

As Sri Lanka’s most sought after security services provider, Monaro Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. possess the largest clientele. The company serves the most number of Banks and Blue-chip Commercial Enterprises than any other competitor. The service is further strengthened with a Rs. 100 million insurance coverage and a Rs. 5 million public liability cover for Static Guard Services.

Ensuring the service offered stays on par with stringent quality standards, the operations go through methodical supervision on continuous and random basis. This system ensures smooth performance of security duties and supports to rectify any shortcoming that may arise.

Efficacy in the making

Effectiveness in performance is achieved by the development of skills; a strong belief at Monaro. That is why each and every member of our staff undergoes meticulous and periodic training at our in-house Training School. Equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, the School strategically grooms the team in crucial security training aspects and risk management. Over the years, the training school has proven its impact as a significant factor in personnel development of the staff. Programmes are devised to equip persons from guard to manager to effectively handle different situations that may arise in their day-to-day duties. These special programmes vary from guard training to Management Development and Relationship Management as well as from First-aid, fire fighting, fire control to bomb search and disposal.

Associated Companies