A Glimpse Down Memory Lane

The year 1975 saw the birth of a humble yet sophisticated brand personality with a vision to provide unmatched security solutions to protect & serve people, property and valuables logistics. With a wealth of expertise and experience gained during a period of 39 years, that very brand personality has now transformed into a trusted and much sought after name across every nook and corner of the country.

Monaro Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. the pioneering contender in the sphere of Guarding Services and Solutions today takes pride in every milestone of its ‘Journey of Success’.

The unwavering reputation and strength displayed over the years have ensured the rapid growth of the company. Today, with a team of competent security experts displaying keen vigilance and alertness, Monaro provides 24 hour security coverage to a diverse clientele.

A New Order in Security Solutions

At Monaro, we believe in modern day innovations. State-of-the-art technology is implemented to the day-to-day operations on a continuous basis. A centralised communications system ensures the seamless security operations of our distinguished clients.

Not just technology; at Monaro, the skills of our human resource too goes under immense development.

The main training academy and four other regional training centres constantly enhance the competencies of our security experts as well as the managerial skills of the operational and administrative staff. An elite unit of Special Squads highly trained in the use of fire arms and unarmed combat is a reliable solution for VIP security as well as for event coverages that require thorough vigilance.

The Strength Within

For over three decades, the company has evolved to be the leading security solutions provider in Sri Lanka. Today, as a part of its global expansion Monaro Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. has spread its wings across the ocean to cover India. Monaro Z Securite Pvt Ltd currently operating in Bangalore and Odisha is rapidly becoming a trusted security solutions partner for renowned corporates and public figures in the subcontinent.

At present, Monaro Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. is strengthened with a force of over 3,000 well-trained security personnel. The team mostly compose of high rated ex-servicemen, schooled and trained in the disciplines and principles of state-of-the- art security techniques. To be on par with the demanding requirements of modern day clients, we constantly upgrade our infrastructure, support services, communications channels and training strategies. As a result a diverse clientele consisting of Embassies, Banks, Industrial Complexes, Business Establishments, Hotels and Private Residencies have placed their trust in us. Being the first ISO certified security provider in the country further endorses our strength and commitment.